Our T-2 build is based on a carburetor model Triumph Scrambler.

The bike has been stripped down and many parts have been upgraded or removed, shaving off quite a few pounds in the process.

The tank has been sanded down to bare metal and with the help of a vinegar/salt solution, the rust process was speeded up to create a real patina that only a few years of bad weather to an abandoned piece of metal would reveal and then clear coated.

The headers have been shortened, wrapped and fitted with 2 mini GP style mufflers leaving the original bracket as a support for the ammunition box.

The ammo box is an original survivor piece from the Vietnam war and it’s perfect to store the bike cover and lock, or alternatively an excellent place to hold your pick-nick set and a 6 pack for the occasional Sunday trail excursion in the country.

The paint used for the new fenders and several parts of the bike is a bedliner protective coating, that gives an added rugged texture and durability.

The original cluster and instruments are gone and replaced by a mini led speedo that has been fitted to the left side of the engine with the ignition key relocation, leaving space to the Renthal ultra low handlebars.

The new low profile seat covers the tubular frame just until the end leaving space for the LED indicator lights that have been fitted and wired inside the actual frame for a cleaner look. In the light department the back has now a LED bates style light and the front has a yellow headlight filter protected from the black grille.

The suspension have been upgraded with adjustable Hagon shocks at the rear with an added inch in length and progressive springs at the front. Accompanied by the oversized but also good on pavement Continental TKC80 and a higher center of gravity the bike is great for any kind of road with a very up right and confortable riding position (very much needed in the nasty streets of NYC).

With the added power of the new exhaust, K&N filter and the shorter gear ratio it feels like a totally different bike, with plenty of power at the low end making it a blast to ride.

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